Sunday, June 5, 2011

finishing BF's BW Vigotone Project

Brian Wilson
Come Back, Brian
320 kbps

This is the stray BW release from Vigotone that eluded Blank Frank's prior post on AYBCS.

It's really a dog, for completists only.  The sound quality is often brutal, and the best material is actually better represented on Wilson's reissued self-titled 1988 debut.  Maybe I'm off a bit on the overall quality here, but I'd rather have you pleasantly surprised than how I felt when I listened.

And then there's the cover...

But I still want it.

1] Intro
2] Turning Point
3] Heavenly Bodies
4] Black Widow
5] In The Nighttime
6] Love And Mercy [live]
7] Walkin' The Line [demo]
8] Melt Away [live]
9] Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long
10] Little Children
11] One For The Boys
12] Up In The Sky
13] Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight
14] Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel [demo]
15] He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move
16] Someone To Love
17] Water Builds Up
18] Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel
19] Let's Get Together
20] Smart Girls
21] We Love You
22] Fantasy Is Reality/Belles Of Madness
23] Outro

Men, don't be embarrassed.  Solve your erection problems with new enhanced Tylenol, Boner Formula.  Tylenol: if those major losers in the Pos-T-Vac commercial can get a little, why shouldn't you?

Actual people you could never believe are having sex.

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  1. Thanks Reg for completing this. It is far from the best Vigo, but it is BW!!